Popular Business Software Directory Honors LIVE.connects with the 2018 User Experience Title for Digital Asset Management Software

FinancesOnline has recently commended LIVE.connects with the 2018 Great User Experience award in recognition of its outstanding contribution in helping businesses effectively manage their assets.


FinancesOnline is one of the most popular discovery platforms for SaaS reviews and is visited by over two million monthly readers. With more than seven thousand software reviews in its belt, FinancesOnline used its expertise to conduct an insightful LIVE.connects overview and analyzed what sets our software apart from the countless tools in the market.

Based on the findings of their review experts, LIVE.connects greatly benefits businesses with full awareness on their assets’ whereabouts through various GPS tracking capabilities and clear transparency on the personnel handling their assets. These functionalities not only provide users with peace of mind and full control over their assets, but also helps them prevent and halt asset misuse.

FinancesOnline also commended LIVE.connects for delivering a comprehensive solution for “smooth and seamless management, deployment, and maintenance.” This is the reason why FinancesOnline found LIVE.connects deserving to win the Great User Experience award after conducting its comprehensive digital asset management software research. This prestigious award was conferred to LIVE.connects for delivering a consistent and quality user experience.

Ranking in FinancesOnline’s 20 best digital asset management software, LIVE.connects was also distinguished as a 2018 Rising Star. This award was given by FinancesOnline’s experts in recognition of LIVE.connects’ increasing growth in popularity and positive traction with clients.

We sincerely thank FinancesOnline and all our users for believing in LIVE.connects. Please visit FinancesOnline to see the full analysis and don’t forget to share your thoughts about our platform by leaving a user review.


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